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A Quest for Well-Being

Jul 2, 2019

Water is not the simple glass of liquid we were taught in school, some random arrangement of hydrogen and oxygen (called “bulk” water by scientists). Rather, water has the amazing ability to arrange its hydrogen and oxygen molecules into repeating, geometric formations – just like a crystal - it is called structured water by scientists).

Why does structured water matter?

In this episode, Nevin Eckert and Dr. Carly Nuday explore the science of structured water and how it is different from “bulk” water — since 99% of our molecules (by count) are structured water, it becomes vitally important to our health.

By looking into how the water in our body affects our DNA, proteins, and enzymes, and also cellular communication, it really becomes apparent that the Water we drink must be carefully examined.

Does water affect our consciousness – our thoughts, perceptions, and judgments?

What is the relationship between water and spirituality?

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Dr. Carly Nuday is a water researcher whose primary work focuses on the science of structured water. She is the author of Water Codes: The Science of Health, Consciousness, and Enlightenment, which examines the dynamic physics of water, its role in the body, and our spiritual relationship with water throughout ancient times.


Nevin Eckert has been researching holistic health, water quality and emerging water technologies for 23 years.

 His mission is to invoke higher levels of water consciousness to people worldwide inspiring people to obtain autonomy for their personal health through the quality of water they drink on a daily basis.

His philosophy is based on the understanding that when water is in its purest form and at its highest quality, it’s a "Living Substance.”

He has created a custom drinking water system solution, configured with state of the art components, to purify and transform any water into the highest quality drinking water, creating a medicinal spring water quality with therapeutic properties.


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